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Wirecard Forex India Private Limited is a Company incorporated and having its registered & corporate office under the Companies Act, 1956, office at Bengaluru and has taken a revolutionary approach to the Travel Related Foreign Exchange market for both individual and business traveller by providing high level of Customer Service at convenient locations. For us customer comes first. Delivering Quality Services on time and every time is our motto. We provide simple and cost-effective way to exchange currency. Our focus is to provide a convenient and safe way for you to take, spend and access your travel money at a great exchange rate.

What's important to us?

Honesty - we do our best to ensure all our costs and charges are transparent


Convenience - products are simple to use, widely accepted and delivered straight to your door


Safety - our products are not linked to your main bank account and we ensure our customers details are always kept secure


Great value - we ensure that you always get a great exchange rate, why not compare our rates and see for yourself


Above all, we continuously look at all areas of our business to ensure your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible.


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